Travel Services

  • Air (domestic & international)
  • Hotels
  • Cars
  • VIP requests
  • Tours
  • Incentive groups
  • Conferences & Events organizations

Travel Management Consulting Services

  1. Corporate Travel Policy Compliance tracking
  2. Contract negotiations with airlines, hotels and cars providers
  3. KPI performance Tracking through our custom reporting for increased visibility at executive level

Examples of KPIs applied:

  • Domestic vs. International Travel rate
  • Last-minute purchase of airline tickets rate
  • Policy compliance adoption rate per criteria
  • Exchanged Tickets rate
  • Hotel bookings volume by region / chain
  • Car bookings volume by region / chain
  • Industry benchmark comparison

What to expect from us?

Personal Attention with Global Reach

Combining the small & personal feel with the large & discounted advantage of a major travel agency.

  • True International Corporate Travel expertise. We handle multi-airline, complex itineraries.
  • Personal Connections.
  • Best-in-Class customer service. Your flight is cancelled, skip the line for airline re-accommodation at the airport, your travel agent will notify you of best re-routing and will probably grab that last seat available for you.

Global affiliations

    LP Travel, Inc. is a part of the American Express Travel Consortium with access to international best volume discounts on air, cars and hotels. We are affiliated with other global travel agencies in Europe and Asia for best discount contract rate access. A 15% average annual Cost Savings on direct & indirect travel expenses based on:

    Our competitive agency fees.

    • Savings through our expertise– best routing at best price & knowledge of intricate pricing schemes.
    • Savings through effective open vouchers/refunds management.
    • Savings through our volume discount agreement with major service providers.
    • Savings through our corporate strategy of fast response time and prioritization by urgency
    • Savings through the negotiations of our clients’ corporate rates negotiations with travel providers.
    • Indirect savings on improved travel automated process and T&E management integration
    • Indirect savings on increased traveler’s productivity.